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04:45 PM FusionInventory Agent Bug #2973: OID/SNMPwalk (KVM) - Raritan P2USTIP
The only thing we can do with given walk is to set the MANUFACTURER with 'Raritan' if first line matches with /linux ...
04:14 PM FusionInventory Agent Bug #2987: Caractère NULL mal interprété par l'agent 2.3.16 Windows
The file is not well formed, can you generate again the snmpwalk output for this device, as documented here...
02:32 PM FusionInventory Agent Bug #2992 (In Progress): Fibre_Channel_Switch..walk
VENDOR field does not exist. Actually, we put in MANUFACTURER the vendor because it's the information that really mat...
01:31 PM FusionInventory Agent Bug #2994 (Closed): XML not well formed!
I have tested the walk and the device is imported, no more malformed XML, like Guillaume said.
You should use the ...

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