Developper tasks management

How the task management works ?

Before see tasks

You must know that task is a generic system can run modules. So each module (network inventory, network discovery...) is independant, but the tasks is used to schedule their execution.

[Task management run] => execute the module => [module network inventory]

Elements of a task

A task if defined by:

General config

This config define:

  • Communication mode: push (server force agent to contact himm when task start) or pull (wait agent contact himself the server)
  • Periodicity: used to run automatically the task all xx times


In a task, you can have many jobs. Most cases we use only one task, but this is an example of the works of 2 jobs:

  • job 1: wake up computer at 1h a.m. (with module WakeOnLan)
  • job 2: deploy a software at 2h a.m. (with module Deploy)

These jobs are defined by:

  • a module: these modules is independant of task
  • definitions: it's items / definition of what to do (in relation with the module). This list is get in the module defined. For example, a network inventory will have ip range, network equipment and printers. You can have many definitions
  • Actions: it is used to define the FusionInventory agent used to run in relation with the definitions defined.

Starting a task, what is the process

There are the steps:

  • Start run task (forced or scheduled)
  • Task run the function prepareRun of the module of the job.
  • This function is used to prepare the job for each agent.
  • If task in push mode, it can made task in error if agent not available, else say to task the agent is ready to start
  • Create lines in table glpi_plugin_fusioninventory_taskjobstatus with each action for each agent (when agent will contact server, it will see in this table what it must do).
  • in return of prepareRun function, task is in error or is ok. if communication mode is in push, task start remotely the agents
  • Task is now ready and finished to start

Running the task

When task is finished to start, this is the steps:

  • Agent contact the server
  • server see if in table glpi_plugin_fusioninventory_taskjobstatus tasks is waiting to this agent
  • if yes, server run module function run of the module defined in table taskjobstatus, this function will create data to send to agent
  • data are sent to agent


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