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XML not well formed

Added by Jean-François Froment over 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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In the XML file, the SYSNAME XML tag contains extra characters �
Import into Fusioninventory for GLPI plugin ends with an error : "XML not well formed"

Here is what I see in php-errors.log :

  • PHP Warning(2): simplexml_load_string(): <SYSNAME>BAT-A-N1_AP5&#0;</SYSNAME>
    Backtrace :
    ...fusioninventory\inc\communication.class.php:422 simplexml_load_string()
    ...ventory\front\inventorycomputerimportxml.php:90 PluginFusioninventoryCommunication->handleOCSCommunication()

Can you clean this characters in the agent output ?

Actual config :
GLPI 0.90.1
Plugin Fusioninventory 0.90+1.2.
Fusioninventory Agent 2.3.17 (NetInventory task 2.2.1)

netinventory.xml Magnifier (48.1 KB) Jean-François Froment, 04/12/2016 07:59 AM


#1 Updated by Guillaume Bougard about 2 years ago

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Can you explain us how SYSNAME is set ? Is it set through devices web interface ?
This is weird to find HTML entities in Sysname and maybe the problem is a step before. And this may be a problem for other tool you may use if they find such format in SNMP key.

So it is still useful for us to know if we may obtain mal-formed values and if we should clean up values in that case.

Then I agree, this HTML entities should not be included anyway in the XML.

#2 Updated by Jean-François Froment about 2 years ago

SYSNAME is set through the web interface of the device. In this example, it is a WIFI access point.

In the web interface of the switch, the SYSNAME of the WIFI AP is looking good.

#3 Updated by Walid Nouh about 1 year ago

Can you retry with a 2.3.20 agent ?
If yes, could you open an issue on github : and link to to this issue.

Thank you.

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