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Changing directory with the agent 2.3.8 prevent the fusioninventory-agent.txt to be create

Added by olivier drosne over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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My OS is win 2008R2.
I download the latest agent (2.3.8) this morning and i tried to setup it in an other directory.
my command is :
/acceptlicense /debug=2 /execmode="Service" /installdir="f:\GLPI\FusionInventory\" /installtasks="Full" /installtype=from-scratch /no-start-menu /runnow /S /server="http://server:8080/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/"

If I remove the /installdir from the command, the file c:\program files\fusioninventory\fusioninventory-agent.txt is create.
Else if there is the /installdir parameter, everything work, but the file f:\glpi\fusioninventory\fusioninventory-agent.txt is not create.

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#2 Updated by Tomás Abad over 4 years ago

Hello Olivier,

I have a doubt, what is the fusioninventory-agent.txt file?. Are you talking about the fusioninventory-agent.log file instead?. To be honest, I don't know what file you are talking about.


#3 Updated by olivier drosne over 4 years ago

Hello Tomás,
Yes i think we're talking about the same file.
It's the file about agent information, like the hard/software inventory, scan snmp,
What log are installed on the computer, what task it could realize. Mine is about the value debuging 2.
Is it that document?
On win2008, it fusioninventory-agent.txt
I can cut some information & upload that file if you want.

#4 Updated by Tomás Abad over 4 years ago

The name of log file is fusioninventory-agent.log but only if you have done a from-scratch installation. Whether it's not your case, because you have done a from-current-config, the name of log file is that it was before you updated the agent.

In any case, I think we are talking about the same file. ;)

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